SPIN Lite (Signal Processing In NMR)

SPIN lite is a user-friendly, fast and reliable medical image workstation equipped with most common image viewing and processing tools needed by radiologists. It also includes our famous and widely used SWI processing module.

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Download our free version of SPIN and experience how fast and easy to use it is! Take a look at some of the many features of SPIN lite below.

SPIN Lite Features

Basic Viewing tools:

  • Sort and organize DICOMs from scanner

  • ROI drawing

  • Multi-ROI analysis

  • Histograms (MS Excel support)

  • ROI statistics (Mean, Standard Deviation)

  • 4D data handling (multi-echo, time-resolved)

  • Shape annotation and labeling

  • Color and gray-scale mapping

  • Multi-view Reconstruction (Axial, Sagittal, Coronal)

  • Rotation and mirroring

  • Video capture (slice browsing GIF)

  • DICOM Header viewer (Clipboard support)

  • Header editor (resolution, orientation)

  • Brush tool (custom size and intensity)

  • Format Conversion (DICOM, Analyze, JPEG, PNG, etc.)

  • Crop and screenshot

  • Save/load workspace (auto-save too!)

  • Permanent ROIs (Objects, ability to import/export)

  • Invert contrast

Processing tools and Features:

  • Math toolbox (Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide between datasets)

  • Multi dataset averaging (magnitude only or complex)

  • Scale and Offset

  • Maximum/minimum Intensity Projection (MIP&mIP)

  • 3D Render (3D MIP)

  • Complex division

  • FFT and iFFT (support FFTSHIFT and complex data)

  • Zero Padding (image space and k-space)

  • Custom phase high-pass filter

  • Sliding/ collapsing filters (image space and k-space)

  • Dynamic thresholding

  • Change ROI intensity

  • Custom masking

  • Custom thresholding

  • Scale to Siemens phase units

  • DICOM anonymizer

  • T2/T2* mapping

  • SWI processing

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