Our Team

To build a great company, you need great people.
We have some of the best.

We are physicists, engineers, software developers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs coming together to build the future of brain imaging software.  Our company was founded by leaders in the field of MRI technology, and our management team has a track record of success in commercializing healthcare technologies. 

The company’s team and its founder are well established thought leaders in the field of MR technology.  Founder E. Mark Haacke, PhD is an internationally recognized leader, pioneer and trendsetter in the MRI industry.  Dr. Haacke is one of the original inventors of MR Angiography (MRA) and the inventor of susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) and key developer of quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM), all of which are being widely used in standard clinical and research settings around the world.  SpinTech and its staff have been instrumental in scientifically and clinically proving the importance of cerebral micro-bleeds (CMB) in dementia and traumatic brain injury (TBI), collectively publishing over 300 papers and receiving over 25,000 citations. 

Our Team

E. Mark Haacke, PhD
E. Mark Haacke, PhD
Founder & Chief Science Officer
Paul Kokeny, PhD
Software Development Manager
Rana El Hachem
Operations & Regulatory Manager
David Utriainen
Research Engineer
Ward A. Detwiler, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Jing Jiang, MS
Quality Engineering Manager
Sean Sethi, MS
Research Engineer
Kiarash Ghassaban, MS 
Research Engineer
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